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Pumpkin Cream Pie Essentials® Candle

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A triple-layered delicate dessert scent of a freshly baked Pumpkin Pie topped with a layer of cream and spiced with freshly cut cinnamon. A fan favourite.
    • Pumpkin Cream Pie a triple-layered combination of baking scents; Pumpkin Cream Pie, Cinnamon, and Vanilla.

    • Natural Blend: Soy Blend Wax delivers a healthier, more clean and consistent room-filling aroma.

    • Long Burn Time: 100 Hours; 12.5cm x 7cm (431g); Made in the USA.

    • Classic OOCC Jar: Large mason glass jar with lid to preserve the fragrance; removable label for a personalised style.

    • Straightened Cotton Fibre Wick and Natural Ingredients for pure aroma and clean even burn.